VCA Impact is a nonprofit fund intended to benefit the students of Victory Christian Academy and, subsequently, our community. We desire to equip students — both inside and outside of the classroom — to impact the world around them.


  • In 2016, VCA Impact helped send students on a life-changing historical class trip to the East Coast in 2016.  Integrated with purpose, vision, and challenge, this educational tour included Washington, D.C., Williamsburg, Philadelphia, and New York City.   


  • In 2018, VCA Impact helped students attend Engage Global’s EXPLORE Extended Weekend, a four-day event in Minneapolis where students received cross-cultural teaching and Christian training.   


  • In 2022, we would like to help VCA students take another Christian tour of our nation’s capital.


Preliminary planning has begun for 8th through 12th grade students to tour the historical East Coast with Rene from Our Time in History. Rene is an expert guide with over twenty-five years of professional educational tour experience, having guided more than 10,000 students on East Coast tours, including our own students in 2016. Her trips instruct students and educators in America’s heritage while challenging them to rise up and make a difference in our nation. Her inspiring narratives at monuments, memorials, and historically significant places broaden participants’ understanding of current events as well as enlarge their worldview. Thousands of past travelers have described their experience as life-changing.


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Thank you to all who donated and supported us to make this life-changing trip possible!


Classics and originals performed by VCA Student Ensemble. To purchase a CD or download card, contact the school office.


Invest today into the lives of local students and leaders to help empower them to become tomorrow’s world changers!