Dear friends and families,

We feel it is the responsibility of the board, administration, and staff of VCA to keep our
Christian private school, distinct from the public schools by upholding the mission and vision
statements. In order to keep our focus on the will and sanctity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to
continue being able to give our students a quality Christian education through a Biblical world
view and Bible-based curriculum, we have chosen to separate from the worldly influences and
requirements that come with keeping a licensed preschool program operating in our school.
So, after a great deal of prayer, thought, and discussion throughout this school year, we
have decided to discontinue the King’s Kids preschool program here at Victory Christian
Academy. This will be effective at the close of the 2019-2020 school year. It was such a hard
decision to make. We pray that this program, or one like it, will be offered by a church in our
community where it could flourish in God’s will and guidance.

Mrs. Julie Hendrickson will not be leaving our school staff. We are happy to announce
that she will continue to teach here next year in our 4th and 5th grade classroom. There are
many changes to come as a result of this decision, but we will keep you apprised as we make

Prayerfully yours,
Pastor Tessie LaLond