The Kindergarten program at Victory Christian Academy uses a combination of traditional phonics and hands-on experiences for a balanced academic approach. The children work on their numbers, letters, social skills, scripture memory, and also have a weekly cooking time. The A Beka curriculum is used to lay a solid phonetic foundation which enables our children to read by the end of the year. Basic math principals of adding, subtracting, and story problems are also learned in preparation for first grade.

Kindergarten is held from 8am to 2:10pm, Monday through Friday.


Continuing to build upon the strong foundation of the early childhood grades, the elementary curriculum challenges and trains students in several areas. It fosters creative, critical, and analytical thinking; promotes problem-solving; increases advanced listening skills; encourages students to read and concentrate for longer periods of time; advances written and oral communication skills; continues to develop life skills; and expands academic independence as students complete each grade level. Underlying all this is a Bible curriculum that is application-based to assist students in developing a biblical worldview and a heart for God with an emphasis on Scripture memorization.

A priority is placed on respect, obedience, personal responsibility, diligence, excellent quality of work, and self-control. Victory Christian Academy seeks to train students in the elementary grades to be prepared for the secondary level of their education and eventually to become functioning and productive citizens who are a benefit to the community and live godly lives.

Elementary classes are held from 8am to 2:10pm, Monday through Friday.

Middle School Grades 6th – 8th

Our 6th graders are taught using the same blended learning program that our upper grades use with additional hands-on teaching from our excellent Middle School Teachers. Students will learn in both online and face-to-face classes, combining the best of both styles as well as providing a solid foundation for future academic and career success.  Schedule an appointment for a tour to check out our brand new middle school classrooms for grades 6-8!


Blended program

We have a blended learning program for 9th-12th grades at Victory Christian Academy. Secondary students participate in both online and face-to-face classes, combining the best of both styles. By integrating traditional instruction with technology-based digital instruction, a highly personalized and progressive learning environment is created. Education becomes more productive as academics advance at the speed of each student.

Self-directed learning

Critical thinking and personal responsibility are simultaneously developed as students take an active role in evaluating their task demands and progress. They learn to become self-directed in their approach to problem solving and time management, which is an important precursor to success as students enter into adulthood.

Building confidence and proficiency

For those students who require a physical classroom environment for direct motivation and progress tracking of online coursework, teachers provide the supervision and encouragement that they need to flourish. Working at their own pace helps students grow in confidence while they are equipped with an expanded skill set in areas of initiative, independence, and integrity. Along with instant access to global resources, students receive immediate verbal exchange with teachers and peers, building proficiency in both the digital and interpersonal realms.

Flexibility to excel

Students who are already positioned to excel benefit from the flexibility inherent in online learning. Students can read an online lesson at their own speed, often 300 to 800 words per minute, compared to listening to a lecture at a rate of about 120 words per minute; thus, they are given the opportunity to assimilate more information in less time. The versatility and personal customization of this program open the door for students to move at a rapid rate.

Ignitia curriculum

The curriculum we use is Ignitia from Alpha Omega Publications. Ignitia courses are not only rigorous and interactive, they also provide instruction based on a Christian worldview, encouraging students to consider challenging questions from a biblical perspective. Courses include text-based lessons, assignments, quizzes, and tests that engage students while they learn. External web links, interactive learning games, audio and video clips, and off-computer assignments help students develop the skills necessary for proficiency in a media-rich environment. The intuitive, easy-to-use interface supports digital literacy with interactive lessons available online anytime. Teachers customize courses to accommodate differentiated learning, and are able to plan in advance with progressive scheduling and calendar options.

Christian influence

We believe the impact of teachers as Christian role models is essential in our children’s lives. Under the guidance of their teachers, students develop a realistic sense of their strengths and weaknesses, learning to overcome challenges and make good decisions. The positive impact of Christian influence combined with the flexibility and personalization of the blended learning program at VCA position students to succeed in life.

Secondary classes are held from 8am to 2:10pm, Monday through Friday.


Field Trips

Field trips are offered regularly as opportunities to enhance the educational experience, as well as to apply classroom teaching to life situations.

Community outreaches

Outreaches such as honoring the military, community cleanup, and Fall neighborhood raking are designed to give students the chance to act consistently with their values while they serve and bless our community.


At weekly chapel services, students gather together to worship God and receive edification through scripture and music.

After-School Care

VCA offers after-school care. Contact the office for information.